NEW EP RELEASE: "Bang Bang" available Feb. 13th, 2015


After 2 years, we are excited to announce the release of our new EP titled "Bang Bang", on February 13th 2015. Produced by Samuel Hewson Woywitka, and mixed/mastered by Mr. Smith. So many people are responsible for making this record and here they are:

"Here Comes the Flood", "Never Survive" and "I'm a Mess"  Produced by Samuel Hewson Woywitka

"Bang Bang" and "She Don't Know" Produced by Cobra Ramone, Trevor Snakedust and Patrick Steward

 "Here Comes the Flood", "Never Survive" and "I'm a Mess" Engineered by Samuel Hewson Woywitka and Stefan Nowarre

"Bang Bang" and "She Don't Know" Engineered by Dave Meszaros

All tracks mixed and mastered by Mr. Smith of Mr. Smith Productions

Guitar, vocals, hammond B3 and bass by Cobra Ramone

Hammond, guitars, vocals and bass by Trevor Snakedust

Drums by Patrick Steward

Bass by Scott Whalen

Harmonica by Lochlin Cross

All songs written by Cobra Ramone, Trevor Snakedust and Patrick Steward except Track 2 "Bang Bang" written by Trouble Andrew


Special thank you to Sam Woywitka, Mr. Smith, Gwyn Roberts, Garth Richardson and the Nimbus School of Recording Arts, Jay Deachman, Dave Angelski, Jeff More, Mark Maryanovich, Robin Ryan, The Penthouse Nightclub, Christian Aldred, Jay Sparrow, Teresa Trovato, Shaun Verreault, Alex Fraser, Dodge Lancaster and Phil Lehmann. VERY special thank you to our families, friends and all of our fans for their immeasurable kindness, confidence and support.